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Problems and Solutions

WHAT reduces the asset value and capitalization of crypto projects?


It is too difficult for projects teams to retain an audience and keep interest in their projects for a long time, because few users and participants of the crypto market actually play the blockchain games created and use crypto products.


So what to do?

We found the unique solution!


We are creating a brand new cryptocommunity of creators, devs & cryptomarket participants and offering new B2B marketing products and solutions such as:

- A fun cartoon series with trolling cryptoworld news,

- a crypto board game released in partnership with cryptoprojects.


This will multiply the interested community of our ecosystem, steadily maintain interest in our and partner projects and develop the crypto industry as a whole by attracting new audiences and new technologies to it.

Option #1

Promote your cryptoproject in the Salsa Valley Stories!

Salsa Valley Stories are the short stories about Salsa Valley (like the Silicon Valley but in crypto) - funny meme cartoon series with trolling cryptonews, cryptoprojects and market situations. The characters are: Elon X, Don CZ and more.

Examples of advertising in Salsa Valley Stories:

Option #2

Promote your cryptoproject in the Salsa Valley board game!

"Salsa Valley" is the brand new physical crypto board game based on "Salsa Valley Stories" that lets you experience all the thrills of the crypto market in a fun way. So if you're an experienced cryptoenthusiast or just starting out, Salsa Valley will give you endless hours of entertainment! Use your character's superpower and starting capital, roll the dice, play NFT cards, collect token animal sets, place cryptoproject offices and houses in Salsa Valley, and use your own strategy and luck to earn as much hot cryptopepper for salsa sauce as possible.

Examples of advertising in a board game:

Why do you need this? You will get:

* associative anchors among thousands of projects for players:

- Blockchain = Your Brand

- DEX Wallet = Your Brand,

- Exchange = Your Brand,

- NFT Marketplace = Your Brand

- GameFi / P2E game = Your Brand

- Blockchain Bridge = Your Brand

- etc...

* constant info occasions for interaction with your existing community to retain the long term interest

* the brand new marketing instruments for interaction with the new potential audience - to gain and retain it

* real brand followers through the deep connection with them through the real products they use, not as cold targeted ad campaign

* we can natively introduce your ecosystem, products, benefits, etc through the entertaining interaction with the audience

* as the board games industry is very huge, which is constantly growing and cryptomarket newbies will also come through it

* board game gives you dozens quality leads in 1 touch and the cartoon series with every new episode gives thousands of quality interactions

* and the impressed one - you can get almost ready loyal clients with the lowest price on the cryptomarket in range of 0.01¢ - $2

Why else would you benefit from partnering with us?

Salsa Valley project:

- has awards and achievements

- participates in the international online & offline Expo and events

- holds its own events

At these activities we also promote our products, ecosystem and our partners to the new audiences.

If you want to send an offer of cooperation or advertise your company, cryptocurrency, venture fund or other crypto-project in the next series of our cartoon or board game, write us an email contact (@) salsavalley (.) com Important!  We only read offers sent from your corporate email of the form - name@yoursite



Or telegram



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