Based on "Salsa Valley Stories"


Merge Web2 & Web3 in an Immersive GameFi & Entertainment Ecosystem of Complimentary Products (Seed)

  • Startup of the year 2023 in Miami

Unique Value Proposition

Our Unique Value Proposition is that we create a B2B2C platform that combines Web2 + Web3, helps to create an immersive and rewarding new way for customers and users to create their own cryptohistory in our ecosystem.


For Web3 projects

B2B Platform Features

✅ Web2 users

Gain access to a continuous stream of Web2 users, expanding their reach significantly and boosting user acquisition

✅ Low-cost leads

Find new customers without spending a lot of money on advertising. It’s a cost-effective way to grow their user base

✅ Brand awareness

Elevate your brand’s visibility within the crypto and gaming communities, building trust and recognition among potential users

✅ Long-term interaction

Foster sustained engagement and loyalty, as users discover, explore, and connect with the project through our integration

For Users

B2C Platform Features

✅ Membership & Engagement

Enjoy exclusive perks as a Salsa Valley member and immerse themselves in a vibrant space where they can join in, exchange ideas and collaborate

✅ Earn

Get rewards, tokens through participation and contributions to the Salsa Valley

✅ Entertainment

Exploring a world of fun activities with us

✅ Like-minded community

Connect with people who share their interests

Let's highlight your WEB3 project in Salsa Valley!

Are you a founder of Web3 project?

For you, this is your golden ticket to target exposure of your project brand and attract customers. We offer you a platform to showcase your products or services to a highly engaged and niche audience. From content marketing to educational outreach, we provide a range of benefits that can elevate your brand and drive customer loyalty.


About $Salsa

SALSA Token is more than a meme-token; it's a full-fledged coin for our community.

Soon the whole world will know about Salsa Token thanks to the popularity of our cartoon series characters, crypto board game, Cook2Earn and Shill2Earn games, Salsa Valley Metaverse, start of sales of a new hot&spicy salsa sauce and full-length cartoon distribution all over the world.


Find out how the token will be used in our products

Read more about token utility, features and tokenomics.

Our development journey


  • Idea & concept, market research
  • Ecosystem websites, social medias
  • Cartoon episodes 1&2 release
  • INO
  • Smart-contract audit
  • DEX listing
  • Board game development
  • EXPOs, contests and hackathons
  • Host own offline & online events
  • INOs
  • Cook2Earn concept
  • Board game prototype release
  • Entering American Metaverse Awards contest
H1 2024
  • Fundraising
  • New season cartoon release
  • Board game release
  • Cook2Earn release
  • Marketing campaign
  • Shill2Earn MVP
H2 2024
  • New season cartoon release
  • Board game edition release
  • Shill2Earn release
  • IDO & token launch
  • INO
  • DEX & CEX listings
  • Partnership with famous animation studio (e.x. Pixar, Illumination, etc)
2025 & beyond
  • Round 3 fundraising
  • Metaverse game MVP
  • Board game add-ons release
  • HOT sauce line release
  • Metaverse release
  • Full-length cartoon release


Our traction

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Meet our Team

Our internal team and future engaged external specialists, ensuring a global organization with the expertise needed to make Salsa Valley a success.


Alex Kytniukh


24 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, including large food production. Owner of the personally created escape rooms network in Ukraine. Co-Founder of the "Brandgeneration" company. Co-Founder of the b2b crypto integration service agency "Crypto-Sell".


Yuliia Mazura


9 years of experience as a financier & individual investor, cryptoenthusiast since 2015. Member of top-100 experts of Stanford AI & Web3 on-chain lab. Co-Founder of the "Brandgeneration" company. Co-Founder of the b2b crypto integration service agency "Crypto-Sell".

Olena Mazura

Olena Mazura


25 years as a serial entrepreneur. 27 years in management & finance. 16 years in digital marketing. Co-Founder of the "Brandgeneration" company. 16 years in medical centers equipment. Founder of "OLkTE GROUP LTD". Co-Founder of HealthTech AI startup and "DIGIAGEE" company.


Vitalii Bryzhan

Head of Web3 Products

Boeing Mid-Level Manufacturing Engineer. 14 years of experience in manufacturing engineering and management. Computer games development tutor for children.

Ken Crypto Whisperer_

Kenneth Berey


Web3 marketing and sales strategist. CEO and founder of ConnectWeb3 Philippines, the first licensed Web3/BPO outsourcing company in the Philippines. Experienced in 250+Web3 projects. Speaker at international marketing and brand awareness events for Web3 companies.




Salsa is a sauce, a mix of ingredients cooked to add a new bright and piquant taste to ordinary food. Salsa Valley is a mix of cryptoentusiasts, events and entertainment to add a new flavor to the classic crypto world.

The whole history of Salsa Valley revolves around stories about the crypto world. Each member of our community can contribute to the development of Salsa Valley Stories

We want the interaction with our platform to go beyond the Internet. After all, you can experience so many emotions from real communication with friends while playing a game that brings you together.

We believe that the crypto world is a place where everyone can make money. So why not make it play, fun and exciting. Prepare the most explosive sauce, fuel your rocket with it and go on a journey!

As you know, the crypto world is divided into whales and hamsters. We have introduced a new concept – To be a Pepper, to be a cheerful crypto-enthusiast building and improving this world, and we want there to be more Peppers. Get fun & be Pepper!

The Salsa Valley’s DNA is to make it easier to connect with both our own ecosystem world and products, as well as with third-party cryptoprojects and their spaces, providing a wide range of content for our users and providing flexibility in terms of product launches by building together and creating the network effect.

If you have become even a little bit of Pepper, then you have already greatly helped our project. Join our community, watch Salsa Valley Stories, play Salsa Valley games and share your emotions with friends!


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