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Salsa Valley is an entire ecosystem based on the «Salsa Valley Stories» (funny meme cartoon series about cryptoworld).


Ecosystem is powered by $SALSA Token and consists of the NFT Metaverse, crypto board game, line of real salsa sauce, partnership with the Latin cuisine restaurants and more.

Create your cryptohistory in the cartoon series, board game and Metaverse!


Salsa Valley it's not only the crypto universe:


  • Animated meme-series (cartoon about cryptoworld)
  • Meme Crypto News blog
  • Crypto voting and marketcap platform for new coins
  • Board game
  • Mooniverse NFT game
  • NFT collection
  • Partnerships with charities and latin food restaurants
  • Partnerships with sauce makers to produce under our international trademark

- Salsa Valley Stories

Salsa Valley Stories are the short stories about Salsa Valley (like the Silicon Valley but in crypto). The characters are:

  • residents and local cryptoenthusiasts - peppers and nachos;
  • corn Elon X - crazy creator;
  • Salsa Lady - author of the famous hot salsa sauce;
  • eternal competitors, creators of cryptocurrencies: Nakamoto, Vitalik, Don CZ and Don Halapeno, who use the energy of the Bitcoin volcano, the magic of the Ethereum pyramid, the water power of the ancient underground rivers and the green energy of spicy salsa sauce;
  • Sheriff Tomato, who unsuccessfully tries to catch сryptohackers;
  • Hot Street Bets teens gang, who love teasing Doge, Shib and the endless other meme-tokens: dogs, cats and hamsters, - who dream of going #ToTheMoon.

- Board Game

Salsa Valley is an exciting new board game based on "Salsa Valley Stories" that lets you experience all the thrills of the crypto market in a fun way. So if you're an experienced cryptoenthusiast or just starting out, Salsa Valley will give you endless hours of entertainment! Use your character's superpower and starting capital, roll the dice, play NFT cards, collect token animal sets, place cryptoproject offices and houses in Salsa Valley, and use your own strategy and luck to earn as much hot cryptopepper for salsa sauce as possible.

- NFT Metaverse

Users can communicate, attend lectures about blockchain technology, open representations of their own blockchain projects, explore the crypto-world, create new objects in it, and earn Salsa Tokens for their game actions.


To join the game you need a computer or smartphone, the Internet and a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet (e.g., Metamask or Trust Wallet).

Create, explore and trade in the virtual cryptoworld owned by its users.


Salsa Valley is the virtual crypto Mooniverse, which is powered by blockchain. It is an online NFT game, but with a focus on social and economic interactions between crypto-enthusiastic users.

- Salsa Token

Salsa token is not just a meme-token, but a full-fledged coin for our community.  Soon the whole world will know about Salsa Token thanks to the popularity of our cartoon series characters, the appearance of new NFTs, the launch of the Salsa Valley NFT Metaverse game and the start of sales of a new hot&spicy sauce all over the world.

- Salsa NFT

You can purchase the unique SALSA NFTs on the NFT Platforms: JGN, T'reasureland und Babylons. Each Salsa NFT is a non-fungible token that lies in the public Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) blockchain.






Buy Salsa Valley NFT that join the army of fans of the animated series "Salsa Valley". Very attentive owners of Salsa NFT will be able to see their property or character in our cartoon series.

After creating a Salsa Valley NFT game, the owner of this asset will receive a free additional token of a plot of Land with the same location address in Salsa Valley, which will be able to fill with game assets for infrastructure development.

Become early owners of land and real estate!

When buying NFT real estate you automatically reserve your land  in Salsa Valley Metaverse


Reserve your character!

Buying an NFT character you automatically reserve your character in Salsa Vallley Metaverse

Join the SALSA HOTDROP now!

The offer is limited!

- Meme Crypto News



Q1 2021

Ecosystem websites

Social medias

SALSA Token smart-contract

1st NFT collection release

Cartoon 1st episode release

Advertising campaign

Early Bird sale

Q3 2021

Board game development

2nd NFT collection release

INO events

NFT charity program launch

Partnerships & collaborations

Negotiations with CEX


Full Season 1 & 2 of cartoon release

Board game reliese

CEX listing

NFT Metaverse game Alpha release

NFT Metaverse game release

Token vote platform launch

Massive marketing campaign

Famous animation studio partnership (such as Pixar, Disney, etc)

Partnerships with famous brands


Idea and concept

Market research

Roadmap & tokenomics

Meme cartoon series scenarios

Cartoon and NFT characters

Q2 2021

Smart-contract Audit

DEX listing

Community Airdrop

76% SALSA token burning

Cartoon 2nd episode release

Partnerships launch

Q4 2021

Board game test

INO events

Massive marketing campaign

International trademark registration

Holding our own cryptoevents

Participation in the International cryptoevents


Board game add-ons release

NFT Metaverse add-ons

New NFT collections for Metaverse

Seasons 3-5 of cartoon release

Full-length cryptocartoon with animation studio release

Worldwide distribution of the cartoon


Our latest achievements:


  • We won the 1st place in the NFT contest on the JGN platform 2021


  • We took the 4th place among 64 GameFi projects at the BSC GameFi Hackathon 2021


  • We took the 3rd place among 26 Metaverse projects at the Top of Oasis AELF Blockchain Hackathon 2022


  • We participated NFT Expoverse, Los Angeles 2022


  • We got People’s Choice Award on American Metaverse Awards 2023


  • We participated Miami NFT Week 2023









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