Salsa Valley Stories

A meme-cartoon about crypto. Funny cryptocurrencynews about DeFi, meme tokens and coins.


Salsa Valley Stories are the short stories about Salsa Valley (like the Silicon Valley but in crypto). The characters are:

  • residents and local cryptoenthusiasts - peppers and nachos;
  • corn Elon X - crazy creator;
  • Salsa Lady - author of the famous hot salsa sauce;
  • eternal competitors, creators of cryptocurrencies: Nakamoto, Vitalik, Don CZ and Don Halapeno, who use the energy of the Bitcoin volcano, the magic of the Ethereum pyramid, the water power of the ancient underground rivers and the green energy of spicy salsa sauce;
  • Sheriff Tomato, who unsuccessfully tries to catch сryptohackers;
  • Hot Street Bets teens gang, who love teasing Doge, Shib and the endless other meme-tokens: dogs, cats and hamsters, - who dream of going #ToTheMoon.

Season 1, episode 1

In episode 1 you will see the story about new green cryptocurrency - Salsa Token, the Elon X and DOGE story, and find out who might be making money when dogecoin flies tothemoon and falls.


Will you recognize Dogecoin, Pancakeswap, JGN, Elon Musk and CEO Binance - Changpeng Zhao in the cartoon characters?

Season 1, episode 2

In episode 2 you will see what manipulations are happening with memecoins on cryptocurrency market and how #LaserRayUntil100K appeared.


  • Will you recognize Dogecoin, Shibatoken, Coingecko, Elon Musk and CEO Binance in the cartoon characters?
  • What do you think about our main character Salsa lady?



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