We are hiring!


We are at the Seed round of fundraising with our project Salsa Valley - The Startup of the Year 2023 in Miami, and at this stage we are looking for a Mentor/Advisor who will act with us and help us

  • Let’s bring the Salsa Valley's vision to life!

Our Expectations from Your Responsibilities:

*To receive your useful and constructive ideas for our project.
*Being on the slides and website page in an advisor role.
*Represent and introduce us to your investor and VC network

Of course, in return, we have special rewards for you as our advisor. We are all for building strong long-term partnerships to achieve great success together.

How to apply?

When you are interested in exploring this exciting opportunity, apply by Email: or Telegram @julisvp

Please submit your brief intro. Qualified candidates will be contacted for further discussion.

Let's make Web3 technologies more accessible and fun for everyone! Join Salsa Valley team!